Archiv für den Monat: Oktober 2009

XO Developer Machines

Yeah, our XO machines for development arrived!!Thanks again to the contributors team for lending us two XOs.

XO Shipment

XO Shipment

Brand new Machines

Brand new Machines

Honestly, I was a bit surprised, that we got brand new machines. The contributors proposal form asks, though, if we

consider (1) salvaged/rebuilt or (2) damaged XO Laptops

but I didn’t expected _new_ machines. Great stuff, folks!

All the machines seem to be individual for better differentiation. Have a look at the XO items of both machines — I’d prefer the green X with brown dot ;o).

Individual Design for each XO
Individual Design for each XO

One thing at last: Didn’t consider, that the charger plugs are built for the american standard, so we had to buy extra adapters, to charge the batteries. Is this fact mentioned on the Twiki somewhere? I didn’t stumbled over it. Probably, it would be worth to mention, or to put a simple plug adapter with the delivery (we only could get a multi m<=>n adapter for 20 Bucks each^^).

Charger Plug built for American standard
Charger Plug built on American standard

Project meeting in Münster

Last week we had the first project meeting in the 52north rooms in Münster. All partners, 52north, ESRI Germany and Rwanda and ifgi were present and we discussed the next steps.

The software scenarios were pushed forward, technical questions defined and the didactical concept nearly finalised.

We are looking forward for the next steps…