Archiv für den Monat: November 2009

First Progress

After playing around with the XO, Sugar and python I have managed to embed html into the application. Have a look at the first raw snapshots:

The user can choose available geomodules. Graphics for each plugin will follow..

The user can choose available geomodules. Graphics for each plugin will follow..

These pictures were captured within the sugar emulator coming with Debian Linux Lenny. I’ll test it on an XO soon, to see, how it performs there.


Using openlayers in a gtk.widget as embedded html.

Using openlayers in a gtk.widget as embedded html.

Sure, many functionality is still missing, but this will be a step-by-step process. First the basics, other tools and modules will follow iteratively. I appreciate any comments and ideas. Feel free to comment :).

I know that the XOs don’t necessarily have internet connections in rural areas. This is only a play-around, but most probably will become part of the geospace framework API. Besides that some offline raster georeferencing tools will also become part of the API.

Invitation to Hacknight

We are planning an OLPC XO Hack-Night at the 3rd of December.

We wanna investigate several issues like XO network behaviour and application sharing. Also we are interested in the potential of the XS ($100-Server) and how it could affect our geomodul application leveraging caching mechanisms, etc.

Starting at 5pm we serve pizza and beer in the evening, so this would be more joyful and socializing event! We meet at the Besprechungsraum 3. (german) Floor CIP Pool 5th floor (german!),  IfGI Weseler Str. 253, 48151 Münster.

If you have questions or want to give feedback please send an email to henning.bredel [at]

Invitation: Project Info

On upcoming Friday (2009-11-06) we’d like to invite you visiting our information event on our project GeospatialLearning@PrimarySchool.

Here, the formal invitation:

The OLPC project aims to establish possibilities on education for children in developing countries via E-learning.

Within context of the GI@School initiative and the activities of ESRI Germany GmbH in Rwanda we develop a geoinformation module for the XO-1/1.5 Laptop. We target an evaluation of spatial learning with the use of computers in primary schools.

We want to inform about the project itself and the XO laptop. If you’re interested, please feel encouraged to take part on an analogues workshop (date is not fix yet).

The project comprises pedagogic and technical aspects. The contents are interesting for Bachelor/Master theses (e.g. Usability). Please come by at the

Seminarraum 3rd floor (German) in the Weseler Straße 253

Friday, 6th November 2009, 15–16.30