Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2010

Second project meeting

Yesterday we had our second big project meeting in Münster, this time in the ifgi rooms. All partners, 52north, ESRI Germany and Rwanda, ifgi and GI@School were present. The most important topics were past and oncoming usability tests (both in Münster and Kigali), global data sharing including import/export scenarios and near future implementation focuses. Furthermore we scheduled a second Hack-Night for March 15th which will hopefully be as well attended as the first one.

Usability-Test Update

At our usability test at the Bodelschwinghschule in Münster we could observe several aspects how the kids used the XO and the Geo activity.
Read this former blogposting to get a closer idea, what we did exactly.

An interesting point is, that nearly all the kids had previous experiences with Google Maps/Earth. Not only anwering that on our questions after the test, we could also observe the kids trying to doubleclick on the map for zooming or panning the map as known from these internet mapping services. The Geo activity instead places its tools above the map into a toolbar without offering direct interaction with the map. This led to a slow start of each group, to get an idea how the activity works. After getting known to the software design, the kids made good progress and every group was able to find the geocache/treasure in the end.

The design of the „center-map-on-current-position“ button   , a toggle button for auto-centering the map on the users
current person at maximum zoom level, was appropriate only for one third of the children. A redesign would be helpful to better communicate the functionality of that button. However, we expect it to be better recognized by the kids in Rwanda, who already own an XO and obviously are more accustomed to the XO-symbol representing the user and the laptop itself.

The children’s opinion about the grade of difficulty varied. Most of them stated it was an easy task performing the treasure hunt with the Geocache activity, though some agreed that it was difficult to get started. However, one point all agreed was having a lot of fun. All would like doing it again.


After our first test at Bodelschwinghschule we are planning further tests. Our activity and the plugins are growing, so we would like to test how the actual learning benefits are, when playing around with the Geo activity. Therefore we create some pre-/posttests which will indicate such benefit.

Our near future road map looks like this:

Feb 22–Feb 23, 2010 Workshop
Mar 22–Mar 26, 2010 Further tests at Bodelschwingh- schule, Münster, Germany
Apr 26–May 7, 2010 Tests and Evaluation in Kigali, Ruanda

Furtheron another Hack Night is going to be planned.