Archiv für den Monat: Juni 2010

Conference schedule

Like in the recent years, we are going to present our project on some conferences. So if you attend one of these conferences and are interested in our project, watch out for our presentations. We will be at:

State of the map 2010, Girona

Agit 2010, Salzburg (Poster Session)

ESRI EDUC 2010, San Diego

GIScience, Zurich

If you are interested in the exact times and dates of our presentations, drop us a comment and we will get back at you.

OLPC announces new XO-Laptop for high-school students

The OLPC foundation released a press information, which states, that they develop a new version of their XO-laptop, called XO-HS. It is designed for highschool students, so it features a faster CPU and a larger keyboard. In addition to the well known sugar environment it offers a GNOME desktop with some more productivity tools. You can find more information on this in the press release. 90.000 of the new XO-HS are to be shipped to Uruguay in the next months.

Test at St. Mauritz school in Muenster

On the 11th of June, a group of students from the ifgi  and some staff members from GL@PrimarySchool conducted another field test in a school around Muenster. The students are involved through the frame of a seminar, which is offered this semester by the GL@PrimarySchool staff. The topic of this seminar is ‚Geospatial learning with OLPC‘, in this context, the students planned and conducted some usability tests for the XO-laptops, handheld-GPS and paper maps as well. The group was as well accompanied by 2 guys that were doing some recording for our upcoming GL@PrimarySchool image movie; stay tuned for further news on this. Weiterlesen