OLPC Rwanda reaches 2nd Milestone

As Thomas and I stayed in Rwanda for two weeks, to test the Geo activity and the student’s spatial abilities (see spatial ability tests, geocaching, geotagging, collaboration and summarized outcomes), we are interested in how OLPC is going on in Rwanda.

Last year, OLPC launched the Center for Laptops and Learning in Kigali, Rwanda (also, see allAfrica.com). Due to Rwanda’s ambitions to become a technology hub for (central) Africa, this was a reasonable decision, in my eyes.

However, not only serving as an OLPC center for Africa, Rwanda ordered also 10,000 XO laptops for local use in school (two schools could be fully equipped in 2008), reaching the first milestone. Rwanda now prepares to reach the 2nd milestone: the deployment of further 100,000 XO laptops. This will provide all schools across the country with laptops until December 2010!

During a teacher camp, two persons principle and a teacher) from each school got in touch with the laptop and its possibilities for the lesson. They were provided with an XO booklet, which might be even interesting for others working with an XO (especially the trick to recalibrate the touchpad — which is quite buggy on older machines).

Good to see progress!

Center for Laptops and LearningCenter for Laptops and Learning

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