Geo Activity in User-centered design seminar

Great things happen… the geoactivity was one of the use cases in Catharina Riedemann’s seminar „User-centered design of geospatial applications“ in this years summer semester at the Institute for Geoinformatics.

The student group of Johannes Trame, Dustin Demuth and Christoph Mülligan found out that users need quite a long time (~3min) to put tags on the map during an intensive usability test of the geotagging plugin (the subjects used the application for the first time). They proposed an interesting redesign of the activity by removing one of the tagging symbols (infrastructure), grouping symbols into one toolbar and working with colors. The images below show some of the proposed designs.

sidebar category

Mahesh Patak,  Mussie G. Tewolde and Teshome Abate Beza tested the geocaching plugin. They stated good points, minor and critical problems in the usability. Misssing landmarks on the base map and no visualisation of distance and direction of movement were identified as critical. They proposed map rotation, aerial images, a zoom to cache function and alerts (while approaching cache) to add to the plugin.

Mohammad Ruhul Amin, Carlos Andrés Osorio and Onyedika Igbokwe presented their ideas for a Geomapping activity. They took the spatial concept of a path where the children can map things they see like houses, animals, etc. The path and the acually walked way does not have to be the same, so they added start and stop buttons and a node button wheras a node would indicate start and stop positions and a curve of the path. Different to the Geotagging activity, the children would learn mapping other features than only „point-like“ ones. When adding geometries like a polygon, the kids could choose to map a house and mark its corners while walking around. When pressing the stop button, the polygon will be closed automatically and the kid could choose a category or type its own. Sophisticated Geotagging.

* track and draw paths
* objects extends a node
* node is too avstract?
* concept of a path (not taken way) must be clear

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