Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2011

Study Project – ArcGIS Server – Results

The study project ArcGIS Server – Client/Server Setup and Development for Geospatial Learning (introduced here) finished with some nice developments and results. The groups developed different applications and conducted usabillity-testing at a school in Muenster. The results of these tests were incorporated into the applications.The individual applications were developed as lightweight web based applications and were based on different frameworks. Topics that were covered by the developed applications were:

If you are interested in the individual implementations of the projects, get in touch with us, we will put you in contact with the authors. The magazin Arc Aktuell by esri will also feature this study project in their upcoming issue.

The new issue has just been released, more on this here.


Everyone interested in OLPC or is doing some project concerning OLPC respectively, can sign on this map here:

For me, it shows better than s/th else, that space matters. One day after signing our project on the map, I got an email from Nick interested in our work. Nick is doing also some map stuff for the OLPC (like Map activity, OfflineMaps, and MapStats). However, it’s likely to merge some work, when I get some more free time getting back to XO coding .. I’ve still some things on my stack 🙂