Archiv für den Monat: Mai 2012

revivalism of spatiallearning@primaryschool

This project has been kind of sleepy since last july, but now there are Thomas and three other students working on a new idea concerning the whole project. I may introduce

Matthias and Benni as students of geoinformatics who will programm some applications described below, and me, Carolin, a student in masters of education and also MIEBU.

Our aim is to produce an easy handling but good application that can find its use in school. There are not that many GIS that can easily be used in lessons, since they are way to complex for both teachers and students. Mainly we want an application that can help to produce a better spatial orientation for students in primary school up to the age of 11 or 12.

Right now our exact idea is to produce an application in which pupils do the following:

1) they will see a map on the display; 2) they will recieve instructions to follow a certain way (like `walk 100m and turn left afterwards`); 3) they will mark that way on the map; 4)they will get response if they solved the tast right

The state of the art is informing about how to make these descriptions and also how to program all of that.

Below you can see some mockups of our general ideas