Archiv für den Monat: August 2012

Preparing for the Usability-Test for the tablet version

We are planning our first Usability Test for the tablet version. That is so exciting! This is our plan:

We will go to a school in Münster with two prepared routes on the iPads. Explaining the students how the iPad works and that we are testing the app, we will walk the route with the kids. There is one kid at a time on both routes followed by two of us. By using the thinking aloud-method we will write the kids thoughts down.

After walking the route we will ask the kids some questions about their previous experience with maps, about the subjective user satisfaction and about what other ideas or improvements the kids have. The questionnaire can be seen below.Questionaire

He made it!

We do have an app working on the iPad right now. Using the ArcGIS-Server and installing a database we were able to try out the first routes. It was a lot of fun and our developer team did a great job – that´s what we think at least.

During the last month I have also been able to write suitable instructions for the kids using the app. And we made some special effects that make the app more playful. I will upload some screenshots soon to show you!

For the experienced GI-professionals of you: The app is using ArcGIS-iOS-SDK, Version 2.2.1. Every route is using FeatureLayers, one FeatureLayer used for one waypoint where the kid has to go to.