Archiv für den Monat: September 2012

The Usability-Test

This week was really exciting for us. We did the usability test for the iPad version of our app. We had 12 kids to work with and it was a lot of fun for both them and us. Thanks again for your help, kids!

For the test we included some special features into the app. The app now can record the GPS-Track including both the walked distance and the needed time. It also documents the touch coordinates on the display so that we can see what the kids touched.

I will let you know about the tests results.

iPad-Day at WWU Münster

On the first iPad-Day we were able to introduce our ideas to a bigger group. Within one day students, professors and all other interested people were able to inform themselves not only about our work with the iPad but also other groups work.

We created a small route around the Schloss, where the iPad-Day took place, to let people try the app by themselves. It was a great success and people were really fascinated by the app and are looking forward for further improvements.

It was also interesting for us to see how the iPad is used in other disciplines like medicine. My special highlight was flying a quadrocopter that is controlled by the iPad.