Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2013

redesign of the desktop version

Matthias put a lot of effort to redesign the desktop app, since the editor and the game both had their own design. Now the game´s design is the same as the editor´s. Maybe one day not only teachers but also pupils will use the editor and therefore it is really good to have the same layout.

Also the smiley that we have been using in the iPad version is now introduced to the desktop version.

Also it is now possible to use different types of maps. Pupils now have to decide which one is best to use in playing the game. Good luck, kids!

Using the new version of ArcGIS-iOS-SDK

ESRI came out with a new version that includes some really helpful ideas for us. Therefore we overworked the iPad version completely. You can see the optical result below. Doesn´t it look pretty!?new app design

The app is still written in Objective-C and is still using ArcGIS-iOS-SDK. But as developed in the desktop version as well, there are way less FeatureLayers used now.

Also the route now is loaded as a whole at the beginning of the game and not as before where the tablet had to connect to the server after each waypoint. As a consequence the app can be used offline now.

technical stuff…

We are happy and glad to present our first prototype of the editor!!!

prototype editor

We used bootstrap for the design, ArcGIS API for JavaScript by ESRI for the map view and the interaction to the server.

The editor has two major functions:

First you can create a new route. Therefore the teacher has to give the route a new name. The route will be identified with an ID that the teacher has to memorize or it can be send to the teacher by mail.

neue Route

The second function is to edit an existing route to continue your work or to improve the directions or so on.

You can find the game on the preliminary Link: