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Further use of the Geo-Activity in Campinas, Brasil

After conducting spatial ability tests and introducing the Geo-Activity to the Padre Emilio Miotti School (earlier post), the interest of the teachers in using that activity was so high that we returned to that school to use the activity with more children (without the spatial ability tests this time, just for fun). You can find some impressions of the day below.

Furthermore, the activity will be introduced to all teachers and the whole school through a workshop in the end of June this year. It will so become part of the ongoing cooperation between NIED and this school. I have already prepared materials that will be used to teach the teachers and staff (in Portuguese). I will publish them here, as soon as i correct some errors as well as translated them back to English. So stay tuned.

Geospatial Learning as one pillar of the esri development center @ ifgi

The ESRI Development Center (EDC) program is an initiative by ESRI to support university departments with outstanding teaching and research in the GIS area. The Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) at the University of Münster got the first EDC in Germany in 2009 (see arcaktuell article 2/2010) . One of the main pillars of this cooperation is the „Geospatial Learning@Primary School“ – initiative.

The focus of spatial learning is one important part of research, teaching and cooperation at the ifgi since some years. The research initiative „GeospatialLearning@PrimarySchool“  in cooperation with esri develops systems that can be used to foster spatial learning of children, starting at the age of primary school. This development is strongly intercultural and multi-platform based. (Read the full article in english or german)