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Study Project – ArcGIS Server – Results

The study project ArcGIS Server – Client/Server Setup and Development for Geospatial Learning (introduced here) finished with some nice developments and results. The groups developed different applications and conducted usabillity-testing at a school in Muenster. The results of these tests were incorporated into the applications.The individual applications were developed as lightweight web based applications and were based on different frameworks. Topics that were covered by the developed applications were:

If you are interested in the individual implementations of the projects, get in touch with us, we will put you in contact with the authors. The magazin Arc Aktuell by esri will also feature this study project in their upcoming issue.

The new issue has just been released, more on this here.

Study Project – ArcGIS Server – Client/Server Setup and Development for Geospatial Learning

During the winter term 2010/2011, the Institute for Geoinformatics offers a study project where students will setup a Client/Server – Architecture, based on ArcGIS Server. The aim of the study project is the development of different modules for special target groups. i.e.:
– simple location based games
– public participatory planning tools
– web-based editing (digitizing) tools

Those tools, designed to to foster Geospatial Learning will be developed, tested in a school environment and later on published.

Results are to be expected around April 2011.

Further information

Geo Activity in User-centered design seminar

Great things happen… the geoactivity was one of the use cases in Catharina Riedemann’s seminar „User-centered design of geospatial applications“ in this years summer semester at the Institute for Geoinformatics.

The student group of Johannes Trame, Dustin Demuth and Christoph Mülligan found out that Weiterlesen

Conference schedule

Like in the recent years, we are going to present our project on some conferences. So if you attend one of these conferences and are interested in our project, watch out for our presentations. We will be at:

State of the map 2010, Girona

Agit 2010, Salzburg (Poster Session)

ESRI EDUC 2010, San Diego

GIScience, Zurich

If you are interested in the exact times and dates of our presentations, drop us a comment and we will get back at you.

OLPC announces new XO-Laptop for high-school students

The OLPC foundation released a press information, which states, that they develop a new version of their XO-laptop, called XO-HS. It is designed for highschool students, so it features a faster CPU and a larger keyboard. In addition to the well known sugar environment it offers a GNOME desktop with some more productivity tools. You can find more information on this in the press release. 90.000 of the new XO-HS are to be shipped to Uruguay in the next months.

Conferences and a job opportunity

The papers we submitted to the ESRI International User Conference 2010 (July 12–16, San Diego, California) and the ESRI 2010 conference (April 27–29, Darmstadt, Germany) were accepted. Furtheron, the results of our first usability tests are going to be presented at the Second Workshop on Geographic Information Usability taking place on March 23rd in London, Great Britain.

Additionaly, there is a new job opportunity for students, sponsored by ESRI, dealing with the development of an ESRI- and OLPC-based GIS environment. This will enable teachers to prepare geo-games and to analySe data collected in the field in order to support the children’s perception and understanding of their environment at local, regional and global scale. Schools will be enabled to communicate and exchange geospatial data on their respective local environment. The job will be combined with a Bachelor thesis.

Second project meeting

Yesterday we had our second big project meeting in Münster, this time in the ifgi rooms. All partners, 52north, ESRI Germany and Rwanda, ifgi and GI@School were present. The most important topics were past and oncoming usability tests (both in Münster and Kigali), global data sharing including import/export scenarios and near future implementation focuses. Furthermore we scheduled a second Hack-Night for March 15th which will hopefully be as well attended as the first one.


After our first test at Bodelschwinghschule we are planning further tests. Our activity and the plugins are growing, so we would like to test how the actual learning benefits are, when playing around with the Geo activity. Therefore we create some pre-/posttests which will indicate such benefit.

Our near future road map looks like this:

Feb 22–Feb 23, 2010 Workshop
Mar 22–Mar 26, 2010 Further tests at Bodelschwingh- schule, Münster, Germany
Apr 26–May 7, 2010 Tests and Evaluation in Kigali, Ruanda

Furtheron another Hack Night is going to be planned.

Invitation: Project Info

On upcoming Friday (2009-11-06) we’d like to invite you visiting our information event on our project GeospatialLearning@PrimarySchool.

Here, the formal invitation:

The OLPC project aims to establish possibilities on education for children in developing countries via E-learning.

Within context of the GI@School initiative and the activities of ESRI Germany GmbH in Rwanda we develop a geoinformation module for the XO-1/1.5 Laptop. We target an evaluation of spatial learning with the use of computers in primary schools.

We want to inform about the project itself and the XO laptop. If you’re interested, please feel encouraged to take part on an analogues workshop (date is not fix yet).

The project comprises pedagogic and technical aspects. The contents are interesting for Bachelor/Master theses (e.g. Usability). Please come by at the

Seminarraum 3rd floor (German) in the Weseler Straße 253

Friday, 6th November 2009, 15–16.30