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Geo Activity in User-centered design seminar

Great things happen… the geoactivity was one of the use cases in Catharina Riedemann’s seminar „User-centered design of geospatial applications“ in this years summer semester at the Institute for Geoinformatics.

The student group of Johannes Trame, Dustin Demuth and Christoph Mülligan found out that Weiterlesen

Test at St. Mauritz school in Muenster

On the 11th of June, a group of students from the ifgi  and some staff members from GL@PrimarySchool conducted another field test in a school around Muenster. The students are involved through the frame of a seminar, which is offered this semester by the GL@PrimarySchool staff. The topic of this seminar is ‚Geospatial learning with OLPC‘, in this context, the students planned and conducted some usability tests for the XO-laptops, handheld-GPS and paper maps as well. The group was as well accompanied by 2 guys that were doing some recording for our upcoming GL@PrimarySchool image movie; stay tuned for further news on this. Weiterlesen


After our first test at Bodelschwinghschule we are planning further tests. Our activity and the plugins are growing, so we would like to test how the actual learning benefits are, when playing around with the Geo activity. Therefore we create some pre-/posttests which will indicate such benefit.

Our near future road map looks like this:

Feb 22–Feb 23, 2010 Workshop
Mar 22–Mar 26, 2010 Further tests at Bodelschwingh- schule, Münster, Germany
Apr 26–May 7, 2010 Tests and Evaluation in Kigali, Ruanda

Furtheron another Hack Night is going to be planned.

Usability Test at School

As mentioned in a blogposting before, we visited the Bodelschwinghschule (Primary School in Münster) last Thursday and Friday to make our first usability test for our activity software. Our little test candidates were attending the forth class (highest class degree at a Primary School here in Germany), so they represented a good mean for our target group (kids from 8–12 years).


After a short introduction what Geoinformatics is about, we took out two pupils for each test cycle — one laptop per child ;o). During the test the rest of the class performed Google Earth exercises on a customized Wii-Balance Board.

The test design was focused on the geocaching plugin. We placed some geocaches on the schoolground in the morning. At the beginning of the test we described the task as performing a treasure hunt.


Giving one laptop per child, we observed how the kids were using the laptop and the tools of the activity. The first view was a quite big extent of the world (including Africa and Europe). The current position was marked on the map, so the first task to solve was doing pan and zoom action to get to the extent of their schoolground — a quite hard task for children in that age, though, meaning to overbridge several zoom steps (world, Europe, Germany, NRW, Münster, quarter, schoolground).


During the test we pinned down our observations, e.g. how long it took to perform zoom or pan action, finding the cache itself, respectively. After the test we went over a general questionare, to get an idea of the map use and computer experiences, etc. the kids already have.


On Friday we decided to take two kids per laptop (four kids per cycle) due to time reasons. At the end 16 of 22 children had the chance to test the software. It’s a pity that not every child had the chance using the XO laptop, though all the children were very excited to use it. In the end we did a usual geocaching (with a normal GPS handheld device) with all the children, so hopefully no one was sad.

XO_where is the cache

The results of our test will be available soon.