Ethic Committee

The ethic committee is a cross-project working group that critically assesses topics brought up by SWAG.


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Although new technologies bring great benefit to the society, they also bear great risks and challenges for the future. What happens if project ‘Smart City’ runs out of control? How can we face the problems that may occur? Up to which degree can we rely on technology? With the growth of network infrastructures and increasing influence of technology in everyday life, cyber-criminality and data abuse become more threatening as well. Current trends shall not divert attention from the fact that technology sometimes infiltrates people’s private life, causing noticeable damage. Certain data shall not be collected or made accessible to others due to privacy matters or copyrights. Sensitive information has to be protected against unauthorized use and restricted in access. It is important that institutions and companies handle data in a responsible manner.

Also citizens must be educated about matters of data protection and -abuse. The group will discuss problems and risks of digital society and incorporate experiences from the projects. Thus the students will participate in all projects and observe the activities. They are encouraged to make critical inquiries at all points. Insights and conclusions from the project week shall be summarized in a final presentation.