Public Displays

The idea behind the Public Display project is the development of an information display for students and teachers. It could provide notifications and messages regarding the day-to-day school life or general news. Information Displays in general belong to smart cities und contribute to the permanent availbility of information. The city is able to inform it’s citizens via the medium “Public Displays”.

Public Display

Public Display at the Institute for Geoinformatics

Some examples for our concrete project are the daily supply of the class schedule, up-to-date school news and fresh headlines from sports or world affairs. During the project the students are going to design and conduct surveys regarding the display software design and deployment location in their school.

Public Display

Public Display of the Geoinformatics student union

Then, they will implement the display software (simple full screen website) including the integration of external data sources. A 21″ multi-touch screen combined with a credit-card-sized computer serves as a public display that displays the website. In addition to the technical realization the project also entails a critical reflection of modern technology: Where are, besides potentials and benefits, possible issues and dangers of public displays? By answering this question the students are empowered to think critically about our more and more digitized society.

With our guidance, the students get an insight into the basic concepts of web programming (including the development of a user friendly design), have the chance to improve their teamwork skills and reflect on today’s computerized society.